Park & Gardens

Parks for People Project Update

Dredging has finished so now you should be able to see the new shapes and edges, the series of fencing along the lakes has deterred birds from eating the new plants.  The lakes should look fantastic by spring next year, especially once the contractor finishes off the remedial works in the lower parkland to remove surface stones, cultivate and seed the bare areas and do a general tidy up, this should all be completed by December. The lakes now replicate the original Richard Wood designs.

Work on the buildings and landscape has been delayed slightly due to some redesigns, we will be putting the tenders out to contractors early in January, work should start in April, look out for information boards on site for more details as this part of the project progresses.

The park and museum will be open as usual so you can still visit and have a great day out, check out our What’s On brochure, facebook and website for other exciting events and exhibitions.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get involved with our exciting Parks for People project, meet new people, share your knowledge, learn new things or just get outside for a bit of fresh air? You can take part in our volunteering programme every Monday and Thursday starting at 10.00am.

If you are keen to find out more, or would like to come along for the first time, please contact us at or call 01226 772002.

Park and Gardens

Cannon Hall Park and Gardens is an idyllic place for a relaxing walk, family outing or picnic. The Park is an ideal place to explore with children, with acres of grassland that are perfect for games.

Adjacent to Cannon Hall is the historic walled garden, home to one of the most extensive collections of pear trees in the North of England. A magnificent greenhouse is home to the 200 year old Cannon Hall grape vine, the descendents of which are used to produce fine Australian wine today. Visitors will also discover the remains of the Pinery – a greenhouse built in the 1700’s which was designed specifically to grow pineapples and exotic fruit.

Deeper in the landscaped gardens is Fairyland, a beautiful and tranquil hideaway. Built in the 1870’s this whimsical garden features arches and pillars built from stone taken from the ruins of local churches surrounding a relaxing pond area.

Our grounds are a perfect spot for dog walking but we do ask that all dog owners keep their pets on leads and away from all local wildlife.

There is a wide range of family friendly activities available at Cannon Hall Park and Gardens including orienteering and garden trails and tours. Please contact Cannon Hall on 01226 772002 or email for more information.

Take a look at the outstanding work taking place in our park and gardens as part of the HLF funded Parks For People project. The activity due to be complete next year will see parklands restored to their former Georgian splendour: