De Morgan & Music

The De Morgan Museum at Cannon Hall, Barnsley, displays the finest collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings by Evelyn De Morgan, and Arts & Crafts ceramics by her husband William De Morgan.

This event will celebrate the sounds we see in their artworks through an interpretive tour of the Museum, and a concert of song and music in response to the artworks.

Museum Tour

Join us for a tour of the mesmerising art like no other. Director of the De Morgan Museum, Sarah Hardy, will explain the paintings and ceramics in terms of their  auditory expressions. From harps to panpipes the De Morgans’ artworks are full of meaningful and symbolic instruments. This tour of the De Morgan Museum explains how these Victorian artists appealed to our audible appetite to create deeper meaning in the paintings and ceramics they created.

Moreover, both William and Evelyn De Morgan depict noisy animals and landscapes in their artworks, from blowing winds to howling cheetahs, the museum is teeming with the cacophony of nature. There is rarely a quiet moment in the De Morgan Museum!

Art historians such as Dr Marte Stinis and Dr Tim Barringer have recently began to explore the sounds of Pre-Rapahelite painting, and their work informs this tour. Novices and those familiar with the De Morgans’ art are all welcome.

Concert in the Ballroom at Cannon Hall

The tour will be accompanied by a concert of songs which relate to the themes and narratives in the artwork, performed by local lyric soprano, Elizabeth Charlesworth. Elizabeth will seamlessly intertwine art and music in her performance. Notable in her repertoire is a beautiful piece written in 1918 ‘Severn Meadows’ referencing the homesickness of those on the front line during the Battle of the Somme. Elizabeth selected this song to pick up on themes of longing for home and war depicted in the painting “By the Waters of Babylon” by Evelyn De Morgan which is displayed in the De Morgan Gallery.

The event will be a unique opportunity to view the De Morgan Museum with a special guided tour from the art historian and Director of the De Morgan Museum, Sarah Hardy, whilst enjoying a musical concert in the beautiful oak panelled ballroom at Cannon Hall; evoking the historic atmosphere of this room of the historic house as a place for family celebration and entertainment.

To accommodate everyone comfortably, there will be one concert at 1pm – 2pm on Saturday 2nd March, with tours either side. The tours will be identical, please only book for one of the tours.

The timings will be:

11.30am – 12.30pm: Museum Tour 1

1pm – 2pm: Concert in the Ballroom at Cannon Hall

2.30pm – 3.30pm: Museum Tour 2

Please ensure you purchase the correct ticket!

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