Help The De Morgan Museum bring Winifred Home

The De Morgan Museum is launching an urgent appeal to bring home and display a captivating portrait by celebrated Victorian female artist, Evelyn De Morgan.

The painting depicts her young cousin, Winifred Bulwer, on one of their family holidays to Cannon Hall, it's a unique example of De Morgan’s seldom-seen portraiture.

The ‘Portrait of Winifred Bulwer' (1880) is a stunning oil painting by Evelyn De Morgan (1855 - 1919), one of the most prominent female artists of the Victorian period. De Morgan rose to fame despite the challenges of social convention preventing women from becoming artists. At the beginning of her career, De Morgan made no fewer than three intimate portraits of close family members. With an arresting forward gaze and obvious ease with the artist, these intriguing artworks are unlike De Morgan’s historical and mythological subjects for which she is best known.

The portrait has been acquired for free public display at the De Morgan Museum at Cannon Hall, Barnsley, once a stunning 16th century mansion at which both artist and sitter spent happy summers with extended family.

Displaying the painting in the Museum would at once enhance the understanding of De Morgan’s full artistic range and add an important piece of local history. The portrait will be displayed alongside scrapbooks of photographs and drawings which depict Winifred playing in the grounds of Cannon Hall, an activity still enjoyed by thousands of families today.

With your help, the De Morgan Museum now has the exciting opportunity to ensure this portrait will remain on public display in perpetuity from July 2023, for all to enjoy.

This painting has been purchased with support by Art Fund and the Arts Council England/V&A Purchase Grant Fund who have recognised the importance of this painting for the De Morgan Museum at Cannon Hall, its audiences, and researchers.

The De Morgan Museum needs to raise £10,000 to prepare this portrait for display at its museum by Friday 21 July. With just weeks to reach thier target, the De Morgan Foundation needs your help urgently. They ask that people give as generously as they can: all donations, no matter how much, bring them one step closer to displaying the masterpiece for everyone to enjoy.

Help #BringWinifredHome.